$BNU Token

Offering an array of services for anyone wanting to be a crypto entrepreneur.


We believe that cryptocurrencies will soon be the ultimate form of wealth in the next phase of the digital age and also be the primary mode of payment for everyday citizens. It’s our agenda to help drive this mass adoption and create a world where it is the primary form of wealth and payment. Paradigms are shifting and there is no better time to get involved than now. Early adopters who will take note of this shift will benefit from the exponential growth once it becomes mainstream.


Bull & Unicorn Crypto Labs is here to catapult blockchain based startups, the early adopters of this revolution. Through our world class range of services, companies will be able to leverage a strong and large community of investors and individuals to develop their project and expand the crypto market massively. Their ideas will be showcased on a global platform getting them the attention of thousands of people worldwide making them a known and widely trusted company. Come on board to experience the best-in-class blockchain and crypto services here at Bull & Unicorn Crypto Labs.

Young Businesswomen

We want to be your partners who bring the strongest connections to the table after having founded multiple successful projects. The services on our platform help companies at the grassroots level with the tools they need to have for a successful token launch, marketing it via global press releases, ads on websites and connecting them to the right kind of folks. This translates into the company amassing a huge community of everyday people and investors that trust and believe in their project.

Digital Setup 

Token Launch

Token Marketing

Market Making

Gain Followers

Global Press Releases

Listing on Call Groups

Ad placements on reputed websites

Listing on popular crypto data websites

Token trending on crypto websites



  • Launch the website and $BNU token

  • Set up LP on Pancakeswap


  • Gather a group of trusted and well known investors in the cryptocurrency game

  • Create a private equity fund pool to facilitate investments in promising crypto based startups

  • Hiring of key personnel to help navigate startups for raising investment


  • Marketing extensively to attract clients from all over the globe

  • Establish partnerships with key crypto players for the benefit of all our clients


  • Offering additional services like sourcing right candidates for job vacancies

  • Consulting on business hypotheses along with other known business entrepreneurs


The blockchain technology is all around us. We read about it in blogs, see it in content by creators we’ve followed for years talking about Web3, the metaverse, and even NFTs. Each year that passes by since Bitcoin’s creation in 2009 has shown us that cryptocurrency isn’t going away anytime soon. And not only that, but a growing number of indie and startup projects are starting to tokenize their systems, which is only normal considering the economic benefits that this brings to various industries. But before a project launches its token sale, it must first advertise its ICO project so it can gain widespread attention.


The truth is that there are many ICO projects launching on a daily basis and a majority end up failing, causing concerns and eventual outrage over the possibility of rug-pulls. This only harms the startup’s reputation and drastically hinders their chances of recovering and starting over. Knowing this, launching your company’s coin may seem scary, but the common factor in successful ICOs have been not only a massive presence on social media, but also having an aesthetic vibe, community, and strong marketing. This is proof that when an upcoming ICO has a strong team behind it from the beginning, its influence can be monumental. 

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