Founder's Vision

A personalised note by the founder detailing their vision and motto for blockchain, cryptocurrency and the Web3 revolution

My fellow blockchain enthusiasts and lovers of all things crypto, I’d like to introduce you to Bull & Unicorn Crypto Labs, your team that provides the largest array of services for anyone wanting to be a crypto entrepreneur. As you all know, this is the best time to get into crypto, create one, lead one, build a platform that can transform the industry, and leverage the massive amount of monetary returns that being part of the crypto industry brings. Better yet, why not do it with a partner who has done all of that multiple times over successfully and has some of the strongest connections in the industry?


The worldwide market size of the blockchain technology has grown exponentially, from $1.2 billion in 2018 to $12.7 billion forecasted in 2022. Out of this pie, the larger slice is dominated by exchanges securing information and the next larger slice goes to digital currency AKA cryptocurrency. Apart from these two broadly known use cases of blockchain, next in line comes asset tracking and management used in retail, digital identification, regulatory compliance and asset tokenization AKA NFTs. Thus we see that the technology is not limited to financial uses like with cryptocurrencies but it spreads far and wide to include logistics, security and IoT.


Coming to the revenue portion of it, the global blockchain technology revenues are forecasted to spike up to $39 billion by 2025 and if we account for the cryptocurrency portion (44%) it would be a minimum of $17 billion. We aspire to enable your teams to have a small chunk of this enormous revenue pie through our range of services. According to a Linkedin analysis, job postings related to blockchain or cryptocurrency have grown by 395% from 2020 to 2021 in the US alone, compared to the wider technology industry that grew by 98%. Furthermore, they mention that investors across the globe have injected $30 billion into crypto based startups in 2021. Our efforts will make you stand out from the 10,000 existing cryptocurrencies in the market getting you the right kind of attention from investors, companies and community members. 


Even though this has blown to be such a large industry having triple digit exponential growth, teams and companies are still unaware as to where quality opportunities lie, where to find the right candidates, where the right audience for your project resides. Bull & Unicorn Crypto Labs helps address that disorganization and lack of information. Our range of services will reduce your man-hours in things which we are experts in. But who are we?


We, the founders, come from technology backgrounds having worked with teams at major companies like Microsoft, Tesla, Ripple, META and pure blockchain tech companies. We have built and developed multiple crypto projects which have amassed a huge following and interest by various global investors. We have knowledge about how a company would go about raising funds as we have dabbled into the private equity sector as well giving us a holistic understanding of making a cryptocurrency project a success. Through our combined 15+ years of experience, companies will benefit not only from our extensive knowledge but also from our global network. This opens up a huge opportunity for our clients to showcase their work on a platform for millions of people to witness. 


At the beginning of this we foresee enabling companies at the grassroot level, helping them build the token and then moving on to market validation by heavily promoting it on reputed crypto websites, drafting strong worded press releases, setting up their entire digital presence and much more! Moving forward we envision this to also include services like sourcing the right candidates, connecting with financial investors, setting up marketing collaborations and consulting on business hypotheses.


This vision does seem very ambitious, but if we reach for Mars we might just land on the Moon. Taking that attitude forward we are happy to welcome you to the Bull & Unicorn Crypto Labs platform where we strive to give you the best possible experience, changing the landscape of cryptocurrency as we know it and redefining this Web3 revolution to include all enthusiasts, like me and you! 


Until then, live long and prosper 

Yours sincerely,

A crypto fanatic